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How to sew the big trends of 2024?

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We’ve already told you about the colors that will be in fashion this year: royal blue, peachy pink, lilac… But what will be the pieces we see everywhere?

Here’s a quick roundup of 2024 trends that could give you some great sewing ideas for the coming months!

Knots everywhere

We could have predicted it with the gradual return of preppy fashion: this year, bows will be everywhere! This little accessory was already very much in vogue around 2007, and was often seen on shoes and headbands.

The good news is that bows are very easy to sew, and you can use all your fabric scraps to make them. You can use them to decorate a garment, make a barrette, add a detail to a bag, a hat… If you simply want to make decorative bows, you can watch our video which explains all the steps to follow.

You can also associate this trend with a garment: a dress, a blouse… Charlotte Auzou’s dress model with its twisted ties is closed at the front with a pretty bow.

Children can wear bows on their shoulders with the Droguerie Ponts-les-Bains dress.

Bermuda shorts are back in fashion in couture for 2024. Sew some, they're on trend!

Bermuda shorts

As is often the case in fashion, two somewhat contradictory trends will coexist this year: that of the very short mini-short and that of the wide, long Bermuda.

For the sake of comfort, we’ve chosen to talk to you about the latter, which will be making a strong comeback in our wardrobes this year. To break down the somewhat “touristy” side still associated with this garment, we opt for slightly noble fabrics such as linen or fine woollens. This year, Bermuda shorts can be worn as elegant pants.

To accentuate this effect, start with the Make it Yours tailor’s shorts pattern and lengthen the leg a little.

For children, our pattern is available for ages 2 to 6.

Sewing an oversized shirt is the trend for 2024

XXL shirts

In recent months, the “quiet luxury” trend has taken fashion by storm. We’re wearing timeless pieces like black loafers, an elegant leather bag… and oversized white or pinstripe shirts, borrowed from the men’s wardrobe. Many American celebrities have worn long shirts as dresses, but they can also be simply tucked into jeans.

To achieve the XXL effect, be sure to take your measurements and choose the right size for your garment, allowing for several centimeters of positive ease. Some patterns, like the one by Coralie Bijasson, are designed for a wide cut. Others are designed to be worn as a dress. This is the case with the Ma petite fabrique shirt.

This trend can also be adapted to children, for whom a slightly wide overshirt like this one can be sewn.

For a nice fall, it’s best to choose a light fabric like linen, cotton voile or fine denim.

High-waisted pants are on trend for 2024

High-waisted pants make a comeback

High-waisted pants have come back into fashion in recent years, with the trend back to the 2000s. For 2024, comfort is back! The trend will be towards high-waisted pants. As in previous years, they won’t be worn close to the body, but rather loosely.

For this project, you can choose from a myriad of fabrics depending on the comfort and look you’re looking for: velvet, denim, wool, linen for summer… Note that pants aren’t the easiest garment to sew, since they include a number of technical points: pockets, fly placement… Wait until you’ve got a good level of sewing skills before you get started!

To keep up with the latest trends, you can sew Cousette’s Fluette pants, or Make it Yours pants.

What are you in the mood to sew this year? Are there any pieces that tempt you?

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