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Which colors will be on trend in 2024?

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New year, new trends! Even if you don’t follow fashion to the letter, the year’s trends are a great source of inspiration, allowing you to pick up old fabrics from your stash and plan your sewing…

To get the year off to a good start, we tell you about the colors we’ll be seeing everywhere in 2024!

Peachy pink

Each year, the Pantone Color Institute, “the world’s color specialist”, unveils the year’s major trend. In 2023, the fashionable color was “viva magenta”, a deep purple-red.

For 2024, the trend is towards softness, as Pantone has chosen “peach fuzz”, a peachy pink with very light hues, which we’ve already seen a lot of on the catwalks during the presentation of the 2023-2024 collections.

A loose-fitting, satiny blouse will work well with this soft color, worn with jeans and a jacket. Choose a viscose satin, for example, and sew Malvina Studio’s Milano blouse.

Pink is on trend this year! But not just any pink! Peachy pink.

Royal blue

For a change from navy blue, a timeless color that’s easy to match, this year sees the emergence of a new hue: royal blue. It’s a bright blue that lifts any outfit, and its name refers to the uniforms of the French Guards, who historically defended the king.

But there’s no need to sew yourself a military jacket to show off this distinctive blue! Instead, find a fitted jacket pattern, like Craftine’s Cranberry jacket with a beautiful gabardine.

Electric blue is in fashion in 2024


This soft, pastel shade of mauve has been in vogue for months, both in fashion and decor.

Lilac is particularly well-suited to loose, flowing garments and is easy to match.

To follow this trend, we can sew a pair of light pants for summer, to be worn with a white t-shirt. Children will love the Rigotte pattern, while adults will love the Clémence pattern from Atelier des Premières.

All you need to get started is to find a beautiful lilac-colored fabric, such as linen or viscose crepe.

Lilac in your wardrobe this year?

Pistachio green

This year, green won’t be worn in its flashy or darker shades, but in its more pastel hues. Gone, then, is the fir green that has been so fashionable in recent years.

To accommodate pistachio green, you can sew yourself a steamy, bohemian-inspired dress, suitable for late winter, worn with tights, or for spring and early autumn.
The Isadora pattern, by Nine, goes very well with a plain fabric: light cotton, viscose, linen…

Pistachio green on trend in 2024

Millennial pink

“Millennial pink” (also known as “Scandinavian Pink” or “rose millénial”) is the name given to a pink that made its appearance around 2016 and was seen everywhere in advertising, decor and fashion. And it’s on a roll again this year! Millennial pink is a fairly soft, pastel pink, a kind of candy pink softened by shades of beige, which is close to rosewood.

To wear at the end of winter or mid-season, sew a trench coat, for example, a garment that will go very well with this soft but original color. Choose Deer and Doe’s Luzerne model, for example, and sew it with a pretty gabardine.

For children, you can use the Marcel trench pattern from Colores la vie.

Canary yellow is a color to have on you in 2024

Canary yellow

If you don’t like pastel shades, then this latest trend is for you. Canary yellow is a bright, cheerful, tangy color, reminiscent of the plumage of the bird that gives it its name.

Any piece sewn in this hue is bound to be quite strong. So you can use it to sew a top, worn simply with jeans and a jacket. Choose a fairly fluid model, like this pattern from New Look, and sew it with a light jersey or viscose.

Which of these top 2024 trends appeal to you? Do they give you inspiration for future sewing projects?

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