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What warm clothes to sew for children this winter?

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As winter sets in, it’s a little early to start thinking about spring wardrobes!

So we’re continuing our cosy sewing by preparing warm clothes for the first months of the year.

A warm sweater

To keep warm, we start by paying attention to the materials we use. For example, you can use fleece, fleece-lined sweatshirt fabric, faux fur fabric (also known as teddy or moumoute fabric, depending on the store)… All these options are perfect for sewing a sweatshirt for winter.

For winter, you can sew a hoodie, always popular with kids and teens. Laeti & Lea’s pattern is particularly versatile, allowing you to sew a hooded sweatshirt, a sweatshirt with a ruffle, a sweatshirt with different colored inserts… You can easily sew it with a nice fleece-lined fleece, a simple fleece or a fleece fleece fabric for warmth this winter.

If you’re comfortable with zippers, you can also follow Super Bison’s pattern to sew a zippered sweater. Don’t hesitate to play with colors and materials to make this project truly unique!

Easy sewing tutorial: sweaters for babies and children!
The Livarot sweatshirt, with raglan sleeves, is available from 6 months to 10 years!

A sleeveless cardigan

The sleeveless vest is a great project for kids: it’s quick to make and, depending on the fabric chosen, will be nice and warm for chilly days. As with the sweater, you can choose a teddy or moumoute fabric in a natural color that will give the look of a sherpa jacket. To add more original details, you can play with the color and pattern of the bias binding and trim. For a slightly more chic touch, you can also use a faux fur fabric or wool sheet, which will give the vest a stiffer look.

Sleeveless vests are easy to make and, with a little patience, accessible to beginners. Patterns are readily available, notably the Droguerie pattern for babies and the Atelier des cigognes pattern for children aged 3 to 10. The latter has the advantage of being reversible, so you can sew it with moumoute fabric and double it with pretty printed cotton.

How to sew the Roquefort baby and child vest?
The Roquefort Vest in 12 sizes

A fleece dress

To face winter, the dress is the garment of choice! The child can wear it with wool tights, a thick cardigan, an undershirt… to keep warm!

To sew a warm dress, choose a quilted jersey. Quilted fabrics have been very much in vogue since last year, so there’s a vast choice of prints and colors.

The Modes & Travaux pattern is perfectly accessible to beginners, as it contains no fastening system. The dress simply slips on over the head, eliminating the need for zips and buttons. If you don’t have a serger, just make sure you use a needle designed for sewing jersey and set an elastic stitch on your machine before sewing.

Velvet pants

Velvet is also a thick fabric that’s pleasant and warm to wear in winter. Be careful when choosing velvet for clothing, and not velvet for upholstery, which will be too heavy and thick. It’s easy to find in all colors, so you can sew several to vary your outfit.

You can use Ikatee’s Dakar pattern, which will be very comfortable to wear with its wide cut and elasticated waist. The ideal ally for cold winter months! Its wide waistband means you can wear thermal long johns underneath.

How to sew Rigotte pants
Or choose Rigotte pants, available for ages 1 to 10

A robe for the home

It’s not just outdoors that you need to be warm! It’s also important to have something warm for mornings and Sundays at home. Robes can be sewn from the fabrics mentioned above. Soft fleece, fleecy jersey, moumoute or teddy fabric, boiled wool… You can personalize this project by sewing ears on the hood to evoke an animal. Or add embroidery, colorful pockets or printed bias.

For patterns, you can use the Klafoutis pattern for 5-12 year-olds. Or Simplicity, which offers sizes to suit the whole family, from teenagers to adults.

What do you like to sew for children in winter?

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