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Quick and easy gift ideas for Christmas

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What could be better than giving 100% DIY gifts for Christmas? You don’t need to spend hours on it, or have great sewing skills.

We’ve put together a selection of quick and easy sewing ideas, so you can make your loved ones happy even if you’re a beginner!

A sleeping mask

The sleep mask is a quick-to-sew project that can easily be personalized. It’s the perfect gift for people who usually travel by train or plane and want to avoid artificial light for a little nap.

You won’t need much material to complete this project. You’ll need cotton (this is a good opportunity to use your fabric scraps!) for the outside, elastic and fleece. If you want to make the mask even more comfortable, it can be lined with fleece or any other soft fiber.

You’d like to get an idea of the dimensions and how to proceed, our free homemade tutorial is just what you need!

If you’d like to make a more personalized sleep mask, you can embroider words, a first name, etc. on the front of the mask using eye stem stitch.

A night mask for children and adults

A set of scrunchies

Scrunchies are both easy to sew and practical for adults and children alike. If you want to make some for Christmas, try to choose colors that match the person’s favorite outfits, and vary the fabrics: cotton, fine velvet, denim, viscose… You can also add pearls and embroidery to make the scrunchie truly unique.

You can then store this assortment in a pretty box or handmade pouch.

To sew pretty scrunchies, all you need is 20cm of fabric and 20cm of flat elastic. If you’re just starting out, don’t hesitate to follow step-by-step tutorials like this one.

The scrunchy is easy to sew, for little girls or adults.

Beautiful cushions

Cushions are a quick-sewing project that always look good, especially if the fabrics are chosen with care. As with pampers, try to keep in mind the person you want to give them to, and look for a fabric that will go well with their interior. Colorimetry can help you find the perfect shade.

To sew a cushion, you can use cotton, wax, fleece, plush fabric… Or go straight to the upholstery fabric department, which will be thick enough to give a pretty result that will stand the test of time.

If you’ve already sewn a zipper, you can sew a cover that closes that way. You can also avoid this step by choosing a “wallet” model that simply incorporates a flap.

You can then buy a cushion cover, which costs around five euros.

Sewing Christmas cushions is quick and easy!

A Japanese apron for the kitchen or garden

If the person you’d like to give a present to loves cooking, gardening, painting or ceramics, why not sew them a pretty apron?

This project will be slightly more complex than the previous ones, but if you take your time, it’s still accessible to beginners.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Japanese apron, it’s a more covering shape than the classic apron. It slips on like a dress and is closed at the back. It can be sewn using fairly thick cotton, sturdy linen or jute fabric (particularly suitable for gardening).

To personalize it, feel free to add pockets in contrasting colors or fabrics. Or decorate it with embroidery.

To sew a Japanese apron for Christmas, many models are available online, such as the one from La cabane à coudre or Aud’Reyverie.


Interior decorations such as coasters also make easy-to-sew Christmas gifts. Here again, you can use fabric scraps to make an assortment of coasters and trivets (using the same technique but simply cutting larger pieces of fabric), which you can store in a small homemade basket.

To sew coasters that resist heat and protect tables, you’ll need two layers of strong fabric (cotton, denim, chambray…). If you want them to be stronger, add fleece between the main fabric and the lining.

If you’re just starting out, follow Lalouanco’s free pattern!

Have you ever given homemade gifts? What did you choose to make?

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