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What fabrics to sew for sunny days?

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Winter seems finally decided to leave us alone and the beautiful days are slowly settling.

It’s time to take stock of your wardrobe by sewing pretty pieces with suitable fabrics. We explain to you which fabrics to favor this summer.

Linen, the ideal fabric for summer

For spring as for summer, it is preferable to wear natural materials, which will make you sweat less and will also be more pleasant to sew.

Linen is one of the fibers to favor when it is hot. For its lightness and softness but also and above all for its thermoregulatory properties. Linen will keep your body warm for cold mornings and evenings and keep you cool when it gets too hot.

Be careful to iron your pieces well before sewing them since the main defect of linen is that it unfortunately wrinkles very easily.

For example, we can sew a linen overshirt for spring, like that of SuperBison. This piece, very trendy this season, will bring a colorful touch to your outfits. We therefore choose a powder pink, green or blue linen. We will come to wear this piece with jeans or a skirt and over a cotton t-shirt.

Linen will also be particularly suitable for making flowing, wide trousers. A piece that can become your summer ally!

For example, you can use Burda’s trouser base and choose a vibrant color (pink, green, yellow, etc.) or go for a more classic base by choosing a blue linen that recalls jeans or an ecru linen that will accentuate the natural side. of this fiber.

Cotton, a natural and pleasant material

Cotton is one of the other pleasant materials to sew and wear when the temperatures rise. Unlike linen, cotton does not wrinkle.

This is the material we advise you to sew if you are a beginner: it will not slip on the machine and will have good support.

This summer, English embroidery is particularly in trend. This is an openwork fabric that will give a little country side to all outfits.

You can choose a white or colored cotton poplin for a more original touch. As it is openwork, the English embroidery reveals a little skin, if this bothers you you can choose to double it or wear it with a camisole of the same color. For this fabric, we opt for an original and romantic blouse model, or for a very simple pattern like that of Maison Fauve which will highlight the openwork patterns.

Flowers are also in trend for this season. This is good since there are many floral cottons.

If you live in Paris you can find very affordable floral coupons in the shops of the Saint-Pierre market, which are a good way to get your hands dirty and sew inexpensive clothes.

Conversely, you can choose to sew Liberty brand cotton, which is a bit expensive but allows you to make beautiful quality clothes.

A floral cotton poplin will be ideal for sewing spring or summer dresses, for children and adults alike. The Lena pattern from Ikatee with its summery ruffles is available from size 3 years to 46.

Tencel, the new antiperspirant material

Tencel or Lyocell is a fiber that appeared a few years ago and that we see more and more in fabric stores. It is an artificial fiber, which is made from the pulp of wood. And its main advantage is that it doesn’t keep you hot or make you sweat: it absorbs moisture. So give it a try!

Tencel is a fairly fluid fabric that resembles viscose or silk and therefore will not have the somewhat dry appearance of cotton. It can therefore be used in the summer to sew long, flowing dresses like the Silky long dress by Wissew. We choose an animal print fabric to honor one of the other trends of the season!

And you, what fabrics do you plan to sew for sunny days? What colors and patterns do you want to put in your wardrobe?

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