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Which shorts to sew in preparation for summer?

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Shorts are one of the must-have items in your wardrobe. Short, long, worn with a simple t-shirt or a blouse, in denim or linen…

It’s a particularly versatile piece that can be used to create a wide range of looks.

We’ve rounded up the latest trends to help you choose which shorts to sew this summer!

Dressy shorts

Contrary to popular belief, shorts aren’t just for casual wear! They can also be part of a dressy outfit. It all depends on the model and fabric chosen.

Les Patronnes’ version, Titouan, is a pair of deck shorts whose charm lies in the little details: the pockets, the buttons on the front… Sewn in dark denim, pretty natural linen or striped fabric, embellished with raised gold buttons, they’ll add a touch of elegance to all your summer outfits. The bridges and buttons mean you don’t need a fly, so this is an accessible model if you’re new to sewing. You can wear it with a blouse, sweater or summer top, depending on the look you’re going for.

Also available in children’s sizes.

Chic, dressy shorts, ideal for summer!

Ruffle shorts

Ruffles are everywhere this year: on the bottom of dresses, on the sleeve hems of our summer blouses… And on shorts, of course!

Small, wispy ruffles are easy to integrate on this piece, giving it a very light look for summer. To sew a garment with ruffles, it’s important to choose a light, supple fabric such as viscose, linen or double cotton gauze, bearing in mind that a natural fabric (such as linen) is more breathable than a synthetic fabric (viscose) and therefore more suitable for hot summer weather.

In terms of pattern, we recommend the Vestiaire Éponyme model, with its elasticated waistband and large patch pockets.

Ruffled shorts are so in!

Sportswear shorts

This summer, opposing trends will coexist! Dressier shorts will meet comfortable sportswear models in our closets, to be worn with a t-shirt or tank top.

To sew this type of garment, forget cottons and other linens and opt for stretch jersey. Choose thick jersey to prevent it from being transparent and from rubbing against the legs.

To sew sports shorts, use Petit Patron’s William pattern or Studio Schnittreif’s Madame Gesa pattern. In both cases, these are fairly easy-to-sew pieces, as they avoid overly complex finishing touches.

A pair of denim shorts, perfect for a trendy summer look!

Bermuda shorts

One of the major trends of the year, announced at the start of the year on all the catwalks: Bermuda shorts or “jorts” (a contraction of “jeans” and “shorts”) are back! Back with a vengeance at the same time as micro-shorts, their aim is to make us more comfortable. You can wear them with a blouse to break up the “tourist” look, or with a t-shirt for a more casual look.

When it comes to sewing Bermuda shorts, you’re spoilt for choice. You can choose jeans for a classic look, linen for a more preppy touch, or printed cotton for a more whimsical look, and follow Fibre Mood’s pattern, Rachel.

Unlike the previous models, you’ll need a more advanced level of sewing skills to take on this project. To sew these Bermuda shorts, you’ll need to know how to attach a waistband and fly.

The combishort is a little technical to sew, but so beautiful and fun to wear!

The combishort

Another way to wear shorts this summer is to opt for the combishort, a shortened version of the jumpsuit. A very comfortable piece that can easily be worn with tights and a cardigan for cooler days and evenings out.

To sew a jumpsuit, it’s best to choose a fluid fabric such as cotton voile, viscose, silk (if you want to invest in a more expensive fiber for a special event), very light denim… Anything to avoid a too-dry look.

To keep up with the season’s trends, you can opt for a bright color, such as a bold red, or a strong, original print. The Yvonne model from République du Chiffon makes a comfortable and original combishort with its pretty blouse collar.

Do you sew shorts? What’s your favorite model?

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