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How to sew flowing pants for warm weather?

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Summer’s just around the corner, and you suddenly feel like putting your jeans, tights and other wool or velvet pants in the closet. To prepare for the summer months, we’ve come up with some light, flowing pants that can be worn with blouses or colorful t-shirts.

Here are a few ideas for adding that summery touch to your wardrobe!

Straight, flowing pants

Straight-leg pants are the perfect summer ally. Their ample shape and elasticated waist make them easy to sew and a great way to get started with pants.

For a well-fitting pant, start by sewing a canvas, i.e. a draft made from an inexpensive fabric that allows you to adjust the waist before going to work with the final fabric.

To sew flowing pants, start by choosing a suitable fabric. It needs to fall nicely and not be too rough. This choice will define the look of your garment: depending on the fabric adopted, the pants will bring a more or less casual touch to your outfit. You can choose a pretty linen, which will be very breathable and pleasant for summer, but will wrinkle easily; a cotton poplin or double gauze for casual pants; a viscose for a very fluid look; a satin fabric for a more chic look…

The Miss Cactus pattern allows you to sew simple, well-fitting pants with a flattering high waist. It’s perfect for beginners who want to get started with their first garment.

Why not sew a simple pair of flowing pants?

Pretty pants with a belt

For a more elegant, dressy look, simply choose a slightly more fitted model with a pretty belt to be sewn in the same fabric as the main print or using a contrasting color.

Lise Tailor’s Giverny pants are close-fitting in the thighs, but keep a comfortable fit with an elasticated waistband in the back and wide legs. Children’s belted pants can also be sewn using our Gaperon pattern, available for babies and children aged 12 months to 10 years.

These pants are very much on trend this year, as bows are particularly popular. As for fabric, here again you’ll need a flowing fabric: viscose, cotton poplin… To keep up with fashion, you can choose one of the patterns we’ll be seeing a lot of this summer: leopard, polka dots, gingham with small checks or horizontal stripes that slim the silhouette.

Jersey pants

Sportswear remains on trend in 2024, with one watchword: comfort! With this in mind, pants can be made not from a warp-and-weft fabric, but from a knitted fabric. The latter is recognized by its elasticity and suppleness. You don’t need a serger to sew them, just invest in a jersey foot for your sewing machine and choose an elastic stitch!

To sew pants, choose a light, supple jersey, plain or printed. You can start with Gaël and Sew’s model, which suggests sewing high-waisted pants that are fitted at the waist and loose in the legs. This piece is ideal for those who are new to sewing, or who have never sewn jersey and want to get started.

Jersey pants are also ideal for children, as they are very comfortable and give them freedom of movement. To sew lightweight pants, follow Ikatee’s Dakar pattern.

Sew fast jersey pants

Carrot pants for sunny days

Carrot pants are a timeless piece. Their shape is wide at the hips and narrow at the ankles. They’re a little more complex to sew than their predecessors, as they include a few technical features: fly, French pleats, lined Italian pockets…

You can make it if you already have some sewing experience, or if you’d like to give yourself a little challenge. In any case, don’t hesitate to sew a canvas to gain confidence and adjust the waist!

Carrot pants are perfect when sewn with linen or cotton gabardine. These fabrics will give them an elegant touch while remaining highly breathable and comfortable for summer. You can follow Cousette’s pants to sew this timeless style.

And you, which pants do you like to sew for warm weather? What fabrics do you prefer?

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