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Spring skirts to sew in less than two hours

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What better way to prepare for spring than to sew yourself some skirts? Floral, colorful, textured, long or short…

Here’s a quick roundup of quick-to-sew projects to give you plenty of choice in your wardrobe.

A wispy skort

Ideal for spring and summer, the skort can be very easy to sew. Vestiaire Éponyme’s Bibiche (available in sizes 34 to 48) avoids all the time-consuming technicalities. No zippers, no clasps, visible pockets that are easy to sew… You can even skip the ribbon belt step. Everything’s done to make this piece quick to make, while retaining pretty details like wispy ruffles and a belt to tie at the waist.

To sew a skort for spring, you can opt for light linen, printed cotton voile or viscose, which will give the piece a lovely fall.

The Bibiche Sewing Skort

A super-quick skirt for kids

For children, the skirt is an essential piece that can be worn with or without tights, depending on the weather. It’s a great way to be active and still have complete freedom of movement. It’s also an accessible project for beginners. The quickest model to sew is undoubtedly the skirt with elastic waistband, which can even be made without a pattern. Simply cut two rectangles of fabric (which must be larger than the child’s waist), sew a slider on the top of the skirt to accommodate the elastic and hem the bottom.

If you’d rather follow a tutorial, this one from Atelier des gourdes explains how to sew a skirt with visible elastic.

For invisible elastic, see our YouTube tutorial.

A wide range of fabrics can be used for this project, depending on the desired effect: light cotton poplin, viscose, linen, fine velvet, double cotton gauze… Just make sure the fabric is supple enough to avoid an overly dry finish. And by following the same principle, it is of course possible to sew a skirt for adults: just adjust the project to your size!

Sewing a skort is quick and easy!

A long bohemian skirt

If you’d like to sew yourself a long, light skirt in preparation for spring, there are plenty of models that are quick and easy to make.

For this type of project, we prefer light, supple fabrics such as viscose, tencel or a very fine cotton fabric that’s not too transparent (poplin, voile…).

The speed of this sewing depends above all on the closure system you choose. For example, if you choose to close your skirt with snaps, it will take much less time than if you were to use a zipper.

To sew a skirt with snaps, follow the tutorial from Au fil de Léontine, which will be ready in no time at all and will be very accessible to beginners.

Wrap skirts are just as quick to sew, as all you have to do is attach a belt and tie it around the waist. No need for complex fastening systems or buttonholes. The only drawback is that you’ll need a long length of fabric to complete this project: count on between 2.20m and 3.10m. To sew a pretty wrap skirt, follow this pattern from Simplicity.

Bohemian skirts are fashionable and easy to sew

A jersey skirt

If you like elastic fabrics and want a comfortable skirt, then jersey is for you! We tend to shy away from projects involving this stretchy fabric. But don’t panic, it’s no more complicated to work with than cotton. All you need to do is select a stretch/elastic stitch (this will be specified in your sewing machine manual) and fit your machine with a special jersey needle. If you have a serger, then making your skirt will be even simpler!

Jersey skirts are often straight and close-fitting. You can follow Mars’elle’s free tutorial, which allows you to sew this timeless piece quickly and without a pattern, or Urban Fairy’s tutorial. Don’t hesitate to lengthen it when cutting the fabric if the skirt seems too short.

What about you, do you usually sew skirts? Which pattern do you prefer?

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