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Which bags to sew to prepare for summer?

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Sewing a bag is a great way to get back into sewing or have a quick project before tackling your summer wardrobe.

Let’s take a look at the major trends and see what accessories you can put on your arm to get ready for the sunny days!

The fanny pack

As the seasons go by, the fanny pack continues to be the accessory we see everywhere, worn across the shoulder.

For winter, we prefer to adorn it with textured fabrics: corduroy, imitation leather, plush fabric, sequins

For summer, we can sew a lighter version with linen that’s thick enough not to wrinkle, cotton, wax fabric, coated cotton… And we don’t hesitate to combine these light materials with the year’s trendy colors: a peachy pink, a deep royal blue, a bright canary yellow…
As the banana bag is easy to sew, you can even plan to make several! You can also have fun with colors by making patchworks with fabric offcuts.

This piece is just as practical for adults as it is for children. Our pattern, Bleu d’Auvergne, comes in several sizes: child, adult and XXL.

The Abondance bag, with its rectangular shape, features an extra, easily accessible pocket.

Knots everywhere

As we’ve already explained, bows and ribbons will be everywhere this year, on dresses, jackets, in our hair… So why not wear them on our bags too?

You can sew bows onto tote bags to decorate them, or follow Miss Cactus’ pattern, Groseille, which incorporates a large bow in the continuity of its handle. Its wide shape, available in three sizes, makes it the ideal bag for everyday use or weekend getaways. This model can be sewn with coated cotton, suede, heavy canvas, imitation leather and cotton for the lining.

The bow is a great way to play with contrasts. Simply sew it in a contrasting color (a pink bow on a black bag, for example) to make it stand out from the crowd. It can also be sewn in the same fabric as the lining, or sewn with a fabric other than the bag itself (faux leather on a canvas bag, for example).

A suede bag, or rather a suedette bag, is the perfect way to prepare for summer!

The suede bag

Suede will be very fashionable this season, especially in natural colors like beige or brown. For a more animal-friendly and less expensive option, you can choose imitation suede, made from polyester.

To sew a suede bag, it’s best to choose a fairly simple model, such as the small shoulder bag from Un vent de mode (the step-by-step instructions are available free of charge on their blog) or the beginner’s purse bag from Couture Débutant. The suede can be lined with cotton to make it stiffer.

A big tote bag to hold all your stuff!

The big tote

If you find the fanny pack too small and like to carry lots of things in your bag, then opt for the other trend of the summer season: the tote bag. It’s also an accessible project for beginners who want to learn how to apply a lining without getting bogged down in too many technical details.

This summer, we’ll be seeing a lot of tote bags with contrasting handles (for example, brown handles on a beige bag), leather or faux-leather tote bags and printed tote bags covered in large floral motifs.

As with the banana, you can opt for cotton or canvas in some of the colors of the year: lilac, hot pink, fir green. The tote bag also makes a great base for sewing a beach bag. The best idea is to sew it with a waterproof fabric, such as coated cotton or linen, to protect its contents from the dampness of the beach.

If you’re just starting out and are looking for a very easy tote bag pattern, then this one from Ma Petite Mercerie is for you. For a more complex model with more sophisticated finishing touches (outside and inside pockets, fastening system), you can follow Miss Cactus’ Cumin pattern, which allows you to sew three different bag sizes.

What about you? Are you planning to sew yourself some new bags for the warmer weather? Which shape do you prefer?

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