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How do you sew an outfit for a wedding?

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Wedding season is approaching, and with it the eternal question: what to wear? Why not sew your own outfit?

It’s a great way to choose the shape, the fabric, the finishing touches… and get a truly unique look.

Here are a few ideas to get you started!

A flowing maxi dress

The long dress is a must-have for weddings. By choosing a flowing cut and beautiful materials, you can’t go wrong!

Of course, we follow the unspoken rules for this kind of event: we avoid wearing white and favor color or prints. But the most important thing is to sew an outfit that pleases you and that you’ll be proud to wear.

Deer and Doe’s Magnolia dress is perfect for a wedding, with its wrap-around shape and split maxi skirt. Wear it with a cropped jacket and a pair of heels for a sophisticated look.

For a look that’s both sophisticated and country, Lise Tailor’s Poleen will also be easy to wear and reuse once the event is over. It features many little details: a smocked back and ties at the front that let your tummy show through. Perfect if you’re going to a wedding in a hot region or country!

With its gathered skirt and bare back, the Enola dress by Clématisse Pattern would also be a great choice for a wedding.

For these events, we try to find pretty fabrics that are out of the ordinary. To maintain fluidity, we can opt for a viscose crepe, like those by Atelier Brunette or Lise Tailor. Their elegant prints will add an original touch to your outfit.

You can also opt for more expensive materials, such as a silk sheet, or layer viscose with lace to add texture.

Why not opt for a long, flowing dress?

A short dress for a wedding?

It’s often said that you shouldn’t wear dresses that are too short to a wedding, but that doesn’t mean you’re doomed to foot-length dresses! You can also choose a pretty short dress that will look great on the big day.

The babydoll cut is very popular for weddings, for its fresh, original look. Wear it with a leather jacket to break up the country feel.

McCalls’ pattern is accessible to beginners.

To create the dress of your dreams from A to Z, visit the Charlotte Auzous website. You’ll be able to create a 100% customizable dress pattern. You’ll be able to make a knee-length dress with an original top: with bows, gathers, a bare back…

For these models, you can choose a flowing fabric as for long dresses, or invest in a pretty Liberty cotton, very sophisticated, soft and pleasant to sew, or a cotton with English embroidery.

Wedding ceremony dresses

A pantsuit or jumpsuit

You don’t have to wear a dress to a wedding! You may prefer to wear flowing pants with a pretty blouse, a pantsuit, a jumpsuit

To sew these pieces, you can choose a fine woollen fabric, if it’s not too hot, or linen if the wedding is in the middle of summer. Beware, however, that linen tends to crease, so you’ll need to be careful how you transport it. To alleviate this problem, there are linens blended with viscose or cotton.

If you decide to sew a matching jumpsuit, pants or suit, try to opt for bright colors that can be worn with a light-colored t-shirt or blouse.

Deer and Doe’s Genêt pants are perfect for weddings, and can be paired with a light jacket and a sober top.

You can sew an oversized blazer, like this one from Apolline Patterns, to finish the look.

Trouser suit patterns are easy to find, for example from Vogue or Butterick.

To sew a jumpsuit, choose the Clématisse Pattern. With its bare back, it will add a touch of originality to a wedding outfit.

Are you invited to a wedding this summer? Will you be sewing your own outfit?

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