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What sewing trends for back-to-school 2023?

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It’s time to put away the swimsuits, buoys and beach bags and get ready for back-to-school!

This time of year always brings with it new fashion trends. It’s an opportunity to give your dressing room or the kids’ dressing room a makeover, or to dig out those forgotten coupons from the back of the closet and finally find the perfect project for them.

Here’s some inspiration for getting back into sewing this fall!


This back-to-school season will be bling or no bling, as all iridescent, metallic or simply shiny fabrics are particularly fashionable. From faux leather to lamé to sequin, sobriety is not an option!

To sew sequins, you’ll need to take a few precautions! Choose a fairly thick needle and, to avoid breaking it, remove any sequins on the seam line.

For imitation leather, use a special leather foot with a roller to avoid snagging the fabric.

If you feel like succumbing to the lamé trend, you can sew a pleated skirt. It goes perfectly with this shiny fabric, and you can simply match it with a white t-shirt, a pair of sneakers and a jacket.

Finding a pleated skirt pattern couldn’t be easier! For adults, you’ll find them at Blousette rose or La Droguerie. And for children, on the Patronnes website.

Sequins are back in the spotlight this year!

The tartan trend

Tartan, the plaid fabric that can be red, white, blue, yellow… is particularly trendy this season.

If you want to sew tartan, you can follow our article on how to properly assemble patterned fabrics so that they come together nicely at the seams.

Tartan is very versatile and can be worn over a skirt or kilt, a scarf, a coat… Or a slightly thick overshirt, which can be worn over a t-shirt or camisole.

The Deer and Doe Fougère pattern will be perfectly in season with its oversized look. It can be worn in place of a jacket when temperatures are still mild, or under a coat in the depths of winter.

Tartan: how to sew it, what's its history?

Drape everywhere

For autumn, we’re going all out for materials: the shiny side of lamé, but also the drape of fluid, satiny fabrics. You can use silk, but it’s a very expensive fabric.

For a more affordable alternative, there’s viscose satin. You can also use Tencel, also known as Lyocell, a recycled fiber with a very light fall.

If you prefer natural fibers, linen, if fine enough, also has a beautiful drape for sewing a long dress or flowing skirt.

Deer and Doe’s Passiflore dress highlights the drape of the fabric with its shirt collar and waist-pleating belt. Pair it with the colors of the season.

If you like bright hues, red and yellow are still very much in vogue this autumn, as is Barbie pink, thanks to the success of the film.

But if you prefer more discreet colors, we’ll also be wearing lots of grays and pastels. These tones will soften the drop in temperature.

Back-to-school sewing for women and children

Preppy style and the Claudine collar

The preppy style, a rather classic and elegant style, will also be him back for fall. He translates the return in thanks to the elegant coats, pulls with a col en V plonge, jupes and pantalons à pinces. And by the plebiscite of the famous col Claudine, a detail indémodable. Son aspect très sage peut être cassé en le portant avec un jean et des baskets.

The Claudine collar will be particularly popular in children’s wardrobes. On peut coudre les chemisiers à col Claudine en utilisant deux tissus contrastant: un pour le chemisier et l’autre pour le col.

The combination of black and white is also very trendy this season. We can therefore sew a white and black or choose a flowery fabric and sew all the even printed.

For children, you can follow Cactofil’s Bleiza pattern or Petit Citron (for babies).

And you, what do you feel like sewing this fall? Are you going to follow the trends? Or do you have any projects on the back burner?

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